Container parts

High quality container flooring plywood

Price: Call

Purpose: container plywood

Port: Ho Chi Minh


Size: 28mm*1160mm*2400mm

Weight: 68 – 72 kg/pcs

Specific: Glue WBP (Phenol, Melamine), Face Veneer Keruing, Hard core

Product Description

HIGH QUALITY CONTAINER FLOORING PLYWOOD, keruing container flooring plywood, manufactured and supply by Phuong Nam Phat Co.,Ltd.
We are manufacture and supply standard container flooring plywood, high quality container flooring plywood – keruing container flooring plywood.

We are a manufacturer and leading supplier of plywood flooring product containers, high quality container flooring plywood in Vietnam.

We are exporting to many countries: USA, Netherlands, Thailand, Malaysia…

We are wholesale keruing container plywood, 28mm container flooring plywood

Keruing container plywood used for dry container flooring, make a new floor container,  container specific needs, and similar applications.
High quality container flooring plywood made from keruing wood with hardwood core, water boiled proof  [WBP] (Phenolic or Melamine)

Product Description:

Name: High quality container flooring plywood

Material: Keruing wood

Glue: Water boiled proof  [WBP] (Phenoli or Melamine) E1

Thickness: 28mm

Dimensions: Length x width (1160mm x 2400 mm)

Number of ply:  19 plies

Core: 100% buy Keruing wood

Colour: Red

Grade: A/B

Boiling test: 72 hours in boil water

Bonding strength 0.6N / mm2

Static bending strength of the boards: 42.6N / mm2

Tensile strength perpendicular to the board: 0.65N / mm2

Weight: 68 ~ 72kg per sheet or uper

Boiling test: 72 hours in boil water

Packing: 252 sheets into 1x20ft

Minimum order: 30 sheets to try

Payment Term: T/T (30/70) or L/C at sight.

Delivery time: Within 14 days after receiving advance payment amount or L/C opening date

We hope have chance to become to cooperate with worldwide customers.







test quality container plywood

test quality container plywood

container flooring plywood supplier

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  1. david


    This product can use for truct?

  2. han ngoc



  3. Mark


    What is main material in container flooring plywood?

    • admin


      Many kind: mix forest wood, mix hardwood, keruing wood… with face/back by keruing

  4. cardad


    Can you give me a quote of hight quality container flooring plywood, payment and delivery method

    • admin


      Because every time the price difference should we not answer the above
      We have posted the e-mail I got you your

      Best Regards!

  5. olikal


    Please send for me quote about Container flooring plywood kind 28mm hight quality


    • admin


      we sent to your email

      Best regards!

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